Magic Flash


The highly active texture of hyaluron and FIJI Water replenishes your skin’s moisture levels and rapidly reduces all facial wrinkles.
Mystic Flash


A touch of Mystic Oil will leave your hair shiny and your skin looking irresistibly radiant. A treasure to be enjoyed daily.
Beauty FLASH

Magic Cream

Feel the power of nature and its beauty after a few applications only. Flash contains a special hyaluron moisture complex to plump up fine lines and wrinkles from within.
Spirit Flash

Fiji Water Spray

Refreshing, cooling and moisturizing spray Wellness for travelling also applicable as a facial tonic

Golden EYE

Eye Roll on (10ml)

Coffein, 24K Gold and Hyaluron give radiant moments!
All in One Schaum

Shampoo foam chamomiles

This shampoo is recommended for hair & skin due to its mild composition for daily care. It strengthens the hair, making it smooth and allows easy combing.  It´s also applicable for facial cleansing.

Jungbrunnen Elixier

Young well elixir

The fountain of youth Liftign elixir ensures an even and luminous complexion
Lip Oil

Lip Oil

For sexy lips...
Geschenk Box

Set Offer

The gift box contains: 1x Flash 24 cream, 1 Magic Flash Anti-Aging Serum, 1x Mystic Argan oil vanilla, a free bottle of delicious FIJI- WATER and 1x 24K Gold Eye Roll ON
Gold Toothbrush

Gold Toothbrush

Self sterillizing Bristles with 99.9% pure gold and bamoo charcoal impregnated bristles inhibit bacteria growth.
Silber Zahncreme

Silver Toothpaste

Vegan dental care

Beauty Drink

Flash Tattoo

Energy gold tattoos

The must have for the summer
Magic Lashes


Magic Lashes Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth-Fluid makes your eyelashes grow up to 3mm longer*!

About Flash

The Flash Story

Nina Riegerbauer, a qualified skin specialist with more than 25 years of professional experience, developed this unique care line.

It took more than a year, numerous tests, both with test subject and in the laboratory, as well as her know-how and experience from medical cosmetics to develop this care line. During a journey to the South Pacific she learned about FIJI WATER the freshness and ingredients of which she loved right away. This is how she found a water base containing fascinating minerals for her cosmetic line. Soon it was to give the new cosmetic line its name of "FLASH-COSMETICS". This composition of cream and oil was topped off by select ingredients such as Hyaluron & argan oil with the mysterious fragrance of the Hawaiian temple tree.

We set great store by a high concentration of active agents to achieve fantastic results, bearing in mind that light textures and pleasant fragrances are also very important.

Our products are created without animal testing, are VEGAN, they are free from parabens, paraffins, dyes and mineral oils. Flash products have been dermatologically tested, are suitable for all skin types and ideal as a base for make-up.

The Flash series contains traditional active agents and treasures from nature combined with the latest biological anti-aging ingredients that will leave your skin feeling wonderfully tender and velvety soft.

Rejunvenation with the Beauty Secret Code

Our Flash 24h Cream has been energised with a rejuvenating code, a unique beauty secret code that can lastingly enhance your youthful appearance. To create your own personal rejuvenating code for the 24-Hour-cream we need your date of birth to tune the FLASH 24-Hour-Cream into your personal data. Thus, nature's treasures merge with your own vibration to form an aura of beauty.

Nina Riegerbauer

Certified beautician Nina Riegerbauer has been involved in cosmetics and beauty care for more than 25 years.  Her aim has always been to bring the latest trends & products to her clients' attention. From the very beginning she was dreaming about developing her own beauty products line - a dream she finally made come true when she created her unique care line containing highly effective rare active agents.


 Nina Riegerbauer


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Venus Flower

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Double infinte figure Eight

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